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Go to and register to get started. PointsPhone offers VoIP services for your PC (download PC Dialer) and smartphones. Minimum transaction is $10 and international calls are as low as 1 to 2 cents per minute. After registering, you will receive a User Name and Password. Download the PC Dialer onto your PC and start making calls right away. Users can also download PointsPhone Mobile Apps onto their smartphone and use the same service from your mobile smartphone.
Currently, the PointsPhone Mobile App is available for both the iPhone and Android, which represents over 65% of all smartphones in use today. With Voip-Pal's mobile app, users do not need to change SIM cards or subscribe to foreign carriers for a low rate. The Company has five smartphone apps in various stages of development – iPhone, the Android OS, BlackBerry, Symbian OS and Windows Phone 7 OS. The telephone connection is made through the use of proprietary VoIP technology including WIFI, 3G, EDGE or GPRS protocols. Calling features include: virtual numbers (secondary phone number dedicated to IP calling), call forwarding, web call back, voice mail and free peer-to-peer calls.

The Platinum Suite is also available for North American Android users for $29.95. This includes a one year subscription to PointsPhoneGuard, a world class antivirus program, a free US telephone number and substantial airtime minutes.

Given the fact that malware specifically targeted against Android smartphones had increased 400% since last summer, Voip-Pal recently rolled areas and mobile devices.out the PointsPhone PlatinumTM Suite, which includes a free one-year subscription to the Company's comprehensive anti-virus program, the PointsPhone Guard™. This bundled offering also includes a free US virtual number and abundant domestic and international airtime minutes. The product is currently only available for North America Android users, but will soon be expanded to other geographic. PointsPhone is an international calling service offering great, low calling rates around the world. PointsPhone is a service provided by Voip-Pal.Com, Inc., a leading edge provider of VOIP services. Founded in 2006, Voip-Pal.Com, Inc. is a company that utilizes VOIP technology to deliver local, long distance, and calling card services.
In order to use these services you must have High Speed internet service. Features currently offered include Virtual Numbers, Call Forwarding, Web Call Back, Voice Mail and free Peer to Peer calling. With Virtual Numbers or DID numbers, you can choose assigned numbers that allows others to call you back and for you to receive calls.
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